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  1. Flagfall        :  $  3.20
  2. Tariff 1          :  $  3.60 per Km  
  3. Tariff 2         :  $  3.80 per Km  
  4. Tariff 3         :  $  4.00 per Km 
  5. Tariff 4        :  $  4.40 per Km 

I Kilometer meter test:

  • Zero vehicle speedometer
  • Press Busy and wait for taximeter to start.
  • Start driving until 1 km is reached.
  • pause / stop  taximeter
  • take note of taximeter price
  • it should read a) cost of flag fall and
  •  1 km price at what ever tariff  schedule you are on.
  • example Tariff one & Flag Fall should read a total fare of $ 6.80
  • 2nd km should read $ 10.40 - note flag fall is only added once per trip.

Cost of Fare

  • All drivers should have downloaded the taxicaller 
  • passenger app , You will need to fill in the required
  • information. I suggest to you, try it several times to
  • get to know the app. This is a handy tool, if you were
  • asked how much from A to B.

When to start the Taxi Meter

  • Drivers should start the Taximeter, once the 1st passenger (s) has aligned themselves into the vehicle. and is visually aware of the Taximeter and you activating the meter. This is called the safest of modes.

  • When the customer acknowledges you are present , then you may, decide to start the meter. This is where a customer waves to you from the front door. I would be careful with this, although you are legally able to do this.

  • When a customer knows of your presents, and is taking a long time coming out to the Taxi. You are legally able to start the meter. however you will need to explain a reason. 

Be it at your own risk

Trips outside the town boundary to Hamilton, Auckland , or wherever , during the hours of Darkness , Drivers should ask for payment up front. You have been warned.

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


  • Dispatcher job is to take the customers calls and dispatch them to you via Taxicaller.
  • and make reasonable assessments  that you are safe & well, with safety call checks  at random
  • Attend to Panic Button Alerts

  • Her job does not involve the following

  • Calling you, and asking why you hav,nt accepted the job.
  • or why you hav,nt press the accept tab for the job
  • or why you hav,nt pressed the POB tab
  • or where are you ? your taxicaller is switched off, hows your Data ?
  • or she tries to call you, and you,ll not answering your phone 
  • You've had a runner , Sorry this has nothing to do with the Dispatcher,

  • All Drivers : if you want a dispatcher  Fri and Sat - 8.00 am to 3.00 am
  • Cost per driver $ 25.00 each per shift.


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